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IT Services

Is your IT working for you or against you?

Whether you need help optimizing your own integrated network, or you just want to outsource, NEXTELEX has everything you need to get it done.

    NEXTELEX's IT management services improve service levels, satisfaction, and end-user productivity through streamlining processes, centralizing IT support, training processes, and integrating support tools.
     NEXTELEX’s Integrated Services Management Center (ISMC) supplies a network of 24x7 delivery facilities that support every level of IT services.
    A managed services catalog provides a comprehensive list of existing IT services and solutions, as well as customizable offerings that can be tailored to meet specialized needs.
    Help desk, infrastructure, data center, and NOC: NEXTELEX can embed experts in-house to work with existing systems or outsource these services altogether.
    IT services available at every level that apply industry best practices and adhere to regulatory compliance standards.


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