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IT Solutions
for Your Industry

IT management is not a one-size fits all endeavor. Even though a healthcare organization and a financial institution both face compliance and regulatory requirements, their IT challenges are uniquely their own. This is why it is crucial to work with a Managed IT Services provider who understands and provides technology solutions specific to your industry.

The NEXTELEX's nationwide network offers IT management expertise in a range of industries, not limited to, but including:


  • Healthcare

  • Legal Services

  • Financial & Insurance

  • Construction & Contracting

  • Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Non-Profit

No matter the need – cybersecurity, business-grade back up, disaster preparedness, mobility services, and much more – NEXTELEX can assist your technology needs from top to bottom.


Services with support and care

Your focus is patient care, yet the ongoing demands on your computer systems to keep pace with your scheduling, billing, and compliance adherence can threaten the professional health of your practice. To ensure you get the IT support you need, rely on TeamLogic IT.

Banking & Financial Services

Staying the course

You have customer data to protect, compliance regulations to follow and ROI goals to meet. While your focus is on helping your customers plan and prepare for the uncertainties in their lives, it’s time to do the same for your business. It begins with a trusted IT advisor who understands the financial and insurance sector —NEXTELEX.

Legal Services

Digital disruption is impacting nearly every business sector, including the legal profession. We can help identify and implement the technologies to best serve the unique needs of your legal practice. From cybersecurity and business-grade back-up to a comprehensive business continuity plan and IT best practices, talk with the experts at NEXTELEX.

Construction & Contracting

The construction industry has reached a tipping point. So saturated and intensely competitive is the marketplace, profitability has become a razor thin margin. With little room for error in a business of numerous moving parts, improving efficiencies in productivity and performance is essential. The tool that can tip the scale in your favor—technology solutions from a trusted advisor – NEXTELEX.


How do non-profit organizations meet the expanding needs of their communities while facing serious challenges such as: diminishing government assistance, strained resources and increased accountability? Success is being found in technology solutions tailored to the sector by NEXTELEX.

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